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Offering expertise to schools, higher education institutions, and community agencies involves delivering specialized guidance and support tailored to their unique challenges and opportunities, with a particular focus on integrating 21st-century skills and artificial intelligence (AI). This approach ensures that these organizations can navigate their specific contexts effectively, leveraging the latest in educational technology and innovation to enhance learning outcomes, streamline operations, and prepare students and communities for the demands of the modern world. Our list of training workshops includes:

21st Century & AI Curriculum Development

Needs Assessment & Research for AI Integration

Strategic Planning & Systems Development for AI

Advocacy & Policy Development for uses in AI


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Social Work Professional Development & Training

MABD Consulting provides training and workshops for social workers that are meticulously designed to be interactive, engaging, and directly applicable to daily social work practice, ensuring that participants leave with tangible skills and strategies to enhance their professional journey and the quality of services they provide.  These social work professional development training focus on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and 21st-century skills, strategically aimed at bolstering career development and significantly improving service delivery. Our list of training workshops includes:

Use of AI in Social Work Supervision & Training

Saving Time and Enhancing Services: Using AI for Documentation 

Using AI for Clinical Social Work Services

Enhancing School Social Work Services with AI

Social Work Career Branding: Harnessing AI for Career Advancement

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21st Century Social Emotional Learning Programming Consultation & Training

Coaching, consultation, and training for K-12 schools on implementing 21st-century skills and social-emotional learning (SEL) are vital components of modern education that prepare students for the complexities of today's world. We provide coaching that involves personalized support for teachers and administrators, focusing on the effective integration of 21st-century skills and SEL into classroom activities and school culture.  We also provide schools with expert advice on curriculum development, program implementation, and assessment strategies for 21st-century skills and SEL. Lastly, we offer educators the opportunity to enhance their professional skills through workshops and seminars that focus on the latest research and techniques in teaching 21st-century skills and SEL.

Creating 21st Century SEL Programs in Schools

Leveraging SEL Advisory to build Digital Citizenship for Youth

Using AI to Develop SEL Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Supporting Workforce & Career Development for Youth by Teaching AI in Advisory


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