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Dr. Marina A. Badillo-Diaz, LCSW

Dr. Marina A. Badillo-Diaz, LCSW

Dr. Marina Badillo-Diaz, with a rich background in school administration, counseling, and social work across New York City's educational and community mental health sectors, brings extensive expertise to her role at MABD Consulting. Holding an MSW from Columbia University and a Doctorate from New York University, her credentials are bolstered by a New York State clinical social work license and a Post-Graduate Clinical Supervision Certificate. As a consultant, Dr. Badillo-Diaz excels in training educators, supervising social workers, and conducting program evaluations, further enriched by her positions as a board member of the National School Social Work Association of America, an adjunct professor across prestigious universities, and her impactful work with the US Department of Education focusing on youth mental health and community-school partnerships. Deeply committed to equity, she actively works to reduce the digital divide, ensuring accessible education for all.

Her dedication to the field is evident in over a decade of clinical supervision, direct practice as a school social worker, and the development of programs aimed at enhancing student well-being and academic success. Dr. Badillo-Diaz's work spans significant professional development and workshop presentations, emphasizing social-emotional programming, curriculum development founded on culturally responsive pedagogy, and the integration of 21st-century skills. Her efforts support strategic planning and program evaluation, showcasing her commitment to fostering environments that nurture students' social, emotional, and career development readiness, all while prioritizing the reduction of the digital divide and promoting equitable access to education.

Dr. Marina Badillo-Diaz's areas of interest span a broad and impactful range, reflecting her deep commitment to the advancement of social work and education. These interests include Social Emotional Learning (SEL), School Social Work Practice, Program and Leadership Development, Digital Literacy and Bridging the Digital Divide, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, Youth Mental Health, 21st-century Skills Integration with the Use of AI, Professional Development for Educators and Social Workers, Career and Workforce Development, Policy Advocacy and Educational Reform, Technology in Social Work and Education. Dr. Badillo-Diaz's diverse interests reflect her holistic approach to social work and education, emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being, inclusivity, and preparedness for the future.


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